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The Narrative Paintings Series

      The Narrative Paintings Series of Contemporary American Paintings is an exploration into the nature or composition, format and the way painted images speak to their audience.  To some degree, they are explorations into the "preciousness" of art (life and love as well).  These works a a huge challenge because they don't just come together in the standard space.  They take focus, attention, conversation (with the work), research and intelligence to make them work.  

    The Narrative Paintings range in length from eight to twenty feet. Each piece is constructed from several smaller canvas panels.  Normally the viewer of a painting addresses the work by approaching it square on and then standing in front of the painting and taking in its story.  The Narrative Paintings invite (honestly, kind of force) the viewer to interact by travelling along the length of the painting, reading the information as one moves from end to end.  The individual panels become like chapters in a book or verses of a poem. To top it all off there are layers of imagery, texture and color from "front" to "back" as well. Painting as a "narrative" is a fun but quite challenging way to create a painting!

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