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 American Heartland Landscape Paintings Series

 Gallery 1

      The American Heartland Landscape Paintings Series studies Contemporary American Landscape Painting through the “Manifest Destiny” of our lives as Americans and as human beings.  These paintings are not as much about place as they are about state of mind. Thomas Cole one of the Masters of the Hudson River School used the landscape as an allegory for the place and state of the relationship of the Creator to the creation as well as man's relationship to both.  The broad strokes and the subtle layers and shifts of tone, color and shade that make up this series of works are laid out for individual interpretation but at the same time contain a common vocabulary.  In life and in these paintings there is a constant interplay between nature’s fractal patterning or geometry, sometimes referred to as chaos, and our need to interject definition and order, and a sort of freedom, through the rigidity of Euclidean geometry.  Through that very mix of “chaos” and “order”, these paintings explore visual analogies for the cross over between faith and the current perception. “Faith being the substance of things hoped for but not yet seen” – while that which is seen, passes away into the transitory and illusive as our individual perceptions and desires shift.

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