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Past Works 2000-2009

     The Cut Flower Paintings Series is a group of Contemporary American Floral Paintings stemming from my long held enjoyment of flowers and the Spring and Summer seasons. The Cut Flower Paintings are also a personal commentary on beliefs, values and the moral structure that I grew up with around farms, gardens and the land. Like cut flowers, these things I  believed seem to be slowly fading and falling apart as life goes forward.

     Each piece is intricate and rich with texture and the interaction of color. Each painting also contains a variety of visual tempos that wind through the piece as different melodies wind through a beautiful musical piece. This work also explores contemporary compositional structures that challenge conventional picture formats and therefore speak of a different and fresh elegance. The paintings are large and designed to dominate the visual field, in so doing, opening a conversation with the viewer.

     Most of all however these flower paintings are designed to be rich, complex visual treats - (the rich detail, color and vitality does not translate well in the small web images) - painting for the pure joy of painting and the personalities of each color.

The Cut Flower Painting Series

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